‘n Toeback 1
Schaduw fles

‘n Toe
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Sabro hop special

Belgian style strong 9.0%

Hoppy Single

All (limited) editions of ‘n Toeback are single hop specials. Each new brew is an ode to a particular hop variety. The hop is added four times in the proces: during the boil as bittering and aroma hop, a dash in the whirlpool and finally as dry / late hop in the resting fase.

‘n Toeback 1 Schaduw glas
‘n Toeback 1 fles Schaduw fles

toeback foodpairing

Toeback is a strong, full bodied blonde heaviness. However its floral, fruity and refreshing fragrance invites every chef for fusion cooking to the max.
Dare to!

Beer cuisine

‘N Toeback roughly translates as “a tough job” and for a reason: it is by no means a wimpy beer and deserves attention and requires patience. For the unhurried drinker, one hoppy beer with a punch.