Zeezuiper Wildemannen


Belgian Style Tripel 8%

Sea the light

Zeezuiper glas
Zeezuiper glas

Meet our classic powerhouse

A golden malty tripel with a well-balanced bitterness and fruity aftertaste. Diverse flavours come together in harmony. Fresh dry to slightly sweet with subtle notes of coriander. The scent of yellow fruits and delicate bitterness determine the definition of this original and praised tripel.

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Zeezuiper glas

Color: Golden blonde

Aroma: Yellow fruits

Flavour: Malty & spicy

Aftertaste: Prolonged

7-10° / 10 EBC / 30 EBU

The Zeezuiper (literally translated as ‘Sea drinker’) has been developed in honour of a nature reserve of the same name near Bergen op Zoom (birthplace of the brewery) which could ‘drink like the sea’. This former swamp was a nobel provider of drinking water for the city in medeaval times.

Volumes: 33CL / 75CL / 20L

Zeezuiper foodpairing

This pride and joy of our brewers is a wide ranged companion for many dishes and cuisines. Fish, meat, spicy veggies, cheeses. You name it, Zeezuiper matches!

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