Lamme Goedzak
Lamme Goedzak Wildemannen


Belgian Style Blonde 7%

Beyond blonde

Lamme Goedzak
Lamme Goedzak glas
Lamme Goedzak glas
Lamme Goedzak

The generous friend of every bon vivant

A full-bodied Belgian greatness for true beer fans. This deep blonde treat is loyal, trustworthy and full of character. The balance between fruitiness and pungent bitterness makes this beer a classic.

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Lamme Goedzak glas

Color: Deep blonde

Aroma: Floral & Pear

Flavour: Wide ranged

Aftertaste: Rich

7-10° / 11 EBC / 30 EBU

Lamme Goedzak is a famous Flemish character in Charles De Coster’s novel ‘The Legend of Thyl Ulenspiegel’ (1867). His name (lite- rally translated as ‘lazy kind soul’) hints at his personality. Lamme is the jolly, good-natured and most loyal friend of Thyl and is particularly known for being a Burgundian who enjoys eating and drinking.

Volumes: 33CL / 75CL / 20L

A feast with Lamme Goedzak

This jolly mutitasker is your ideal barley friend to counter fats and salt. Dig in!

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