Schaduw fles


Belgian stout 8.5%

Caramel, salty & defiant

A full-bodied unique stout with a refined malty bitterness and delicious briny tones in the aftertaste by adding fresh sea veggies during the boil. Under beige foam hides a strong beer, full of character, flavour and rich aromas.

Currently not yet available in new label.

Oesterstout Schaduw glas
Oesterstout fles Schaduw fles

Gourmet prodigy

Oesterstout is a gastronomical phenomenon and celebration for the tastebuds. Especially when you serve your Oesterstout with dark chocolate or (what’s in a name) oysters. Aperitif or digestif, it’s up to you.

Beer cuisine


A very welcomed introduction to the Schelde family. Unique selections for all appetites.

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