Wildemannen Oesterstout


Belgian stout 8.5%

Raw pearl

Oesterstout glas
Oesterstout glas

Roll up your sleeves

A full-bodied unique stout with a refined malty bitterness and delicious briny tones in the aftertaste by adding fresh sea veggies during the boil. Under beige foam hides a strong beer, full of character, flavour and rich aromas.

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Oesterstout glas

Color: Black

Aroma: Roast & Dark fruits

Flavour: Caramel & Subtle saltiness

Aftertaste: Dry bitter

8-12° / 103 EBC / 35 EBU

Oyster Stout is originally a mildly salty beer by filtrating it over oyster shells. We however achieve this unique flavour by adding salty sea vegetables during the boil. The samphire and sea lavender are the heroes in this ode to the sea.

Volumes: 33CL


Oesterstout Foodpairing

Oesterstout is a gastronomical phenomenon and celebration for the tastebuds. Especially when you serve your Oesterstout with dark chocolate or (what’s in a name) oysters. Aperitif or digestif, it’s up to you.

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