Hop Ruiter
Wildemannen Hopruiter


Tropic tripel 8%

Ticket to the tropics

Hop Ruiter
Hop Ruiter glas
Hop Ruiter glas
Hop Ruiter

An explosive and characterful cannon full of tropical fruit

A classic tripel but enriched with a modern hoppiness. Our explosive Hop Ruiter tames Belgian yeast and overseas hops to a particularly aromatic tripel. So called dryhopping makes this beer a complex tripel that constantly surprises.

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Hop Ruiter glas

Color: Hazy blonde

Aroma: Tropical fruits

Flavour: Crisp & Creamy

Aftertaste: Mildly spicy

7-10° / 11 EBC / 32 EBU

Adding aroma hops during the maturation (‘dry hopping’) makes this beer not only refreshingly aromatic but above all a complex tripel that never wears out.

Volumes: 33CL / 20L

Hop Ruiter

Hopruiter foodpairing

This tropic and yeasty feast is a delicious date with modern streetfood cuisine. Asian, and South American dishes and snacks are excellent flavours for this beery chaperone.

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