Schaduw fles


Wheat / Witbier 5.0%

Fresh, fruity & gentle

A refreshing Belgian wheat beer (witbier) with a fruity fragrance and flavour. Wheat malt makes this beer soft and creamy while the aromatic notes of citrus peel, banana and coriander ensure freshness. Sweet and sour are well-balanced, slightly sharpened by a mild bitterness in the background.

Currently not yet available in new label.

Witheer Schaduw glas
Witheer fles Schaduw fles

Witheer foodpairing

This misty, liquid sunshine is the best companion for mild sharpness and spiciness. A fruity fire extinguisher with a love for fish dishes.

Witheer foodpairing


A very welcomed introduction to the Schelde family. Unique selections for all appetites.

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