Wildemannen Strandgaper


Golden Ale 6.2%

Seaside beer

Strandgaper glas
Strandgaper glas

Bright and breezy

An accessible but full-flavoured golden ale with a hoppy aroma. Its refreshing flavour and crisp bitter aftertaste soon invites for more. Strandgaper is a friendly beer with a strong personality.

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Strandgaper glas

Color: Blonde

Aroma: Citrus

Flavour: Crisp

Aftertaste: Mildly bitter

6-8° / 12 EBC / 22 EBU

The name Strandgaper (‘strand’ means ‘beach’) refers to a type of so called gaper clams. This clam has a white yellowish shell and is an ancient inhabitant of both the Eastern as Western Scheldt.

Volumes: 33CL / 20L

Strandgaper foodpairing

Not surprisingly this beer is a perfect match with shellfish and crustaceans. But due to his crisp and refreshing character with a pleasant bitterness this golden ale combines with many cuisines.

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