Wildemannen Krab


American pale ale 5.2%

Beer with a bite

Krab glas
Krab glas

Holy crab!

This refreshing coper-colored ale with a malty body, sharp and crisp flavour and a fruity aftertaste is a must for every thirsty drinker. A subtile spicy aroma and a very startling bitterness make Krab a characteristic but flexible barley beer.

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Krab glas

Color: Coper

Aroma: Citrus & Biscuit

Flavour: Malty & Bitter

Aftertaste: Crisp

6-8° / 24 EBC / 32 EBU

The name Krab (‘Crab’) refers to Bergen op Zoom, the Dutch city where the brewery has been established in 1994. This city is called ‘Krabbegat’ during the annually festivities of Carnival and its inhabitants ‘Krabben’ (Crabs). Nicknames for cities during Carnival are tradition.

Volumes: 33CL / 20L


Krab foodpairing

Krab is a snack boards best friend. All sorts of cheeses, dried meat and fish, nuts and fruits. No flavours are too bold for this pleaser.

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