‘n Toeback 2
Wildemannen 'N Toeback.

'n Toe
back 2

Belgian Style Strong 9%


‘n Toeback 2
‘n Toeback 2 glas
‘n Toeback 2 glas
‘n Toeback 2

Hoppy Single

All (limited) editions of ‘n Toeback are single hop specials. Each new brew is an ode to a particular hop variety. The hop is added four times in the proces: during the boil as bittering and aroma hop, a dash in the whirlpool and finally as dry / late hop in the resting fase.

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‘n Toeback 2 glas

Color: Blonde

Aroma: Orange, Mango & Peach

Flavour: Pleasantly bitter

Aftertaste: Insidiously refreshing

7-11° / 9 EBC / 40 EBU

‘N Toeback roughly translates as “a tough job” and for a reason: it is by no means a wimpy beer and deserves attention and requires patience. For the unhurried drinker, one hoppy beer with a punch.

Volumes: 33CL

‘n Toeback 2

toeback foodpairing

Toeback is a strong, full bodied blonde heaviness. However its floral, fruity and refreshing fragrance invites every chef for fusion cooking to the max. Dare to!

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