Gin Infused Belgian Blonde 8.7%


Ginnegapper glas
Ginnegapper glas

This sixth Schelde Special

is a remarkable and unique brew. A collaboration with our distilling friends of CATZ who are the proud fathers of a pronounced dry gin full of botanicals and tones of citrus. The result is a match made in heaven between full-bodied blonde goodness and surprising sharpness.

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Ginnegapper glas

Color: Dark blonde

Aroma: Citrus & Juniper

Flavour: Full-bodied & Fruity

Aftertaste: Warming

5-7° / 10 EBC / 38 EBU

CATZ dry gin puts bergamot on a pedestal. This little, round citrus fruit looks like a cross-pollination between a lime and an orange and gives the gin its chracteristic acidity and aroma.

Volumes: 33CL

Ginnegapper has a complex and refined aroma and taste and is very suitable as an aperitif but also a great starter for an exciting beertail. Cheers!

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